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On storms, playgrounds, and designs

So Hurricane Sandy came and went. We got lucky: no flooded basement, no trees falling on our car, didn’t even lose power. We invited some friends who live closer to the sea and were evacuated, but in the end biggest problems the storm meant to us was a closed daycare, a restless toddler, and some […]

For the love of garter stitch

Quick little project for Lala:   It’s so quick, partly because it is knit in one piece, and requires hardly any attention to construction, and partly because it’s all garter stitch: easy to do while watching TV, or chatting with someone, or watching over a  toddler splashing in the kiddie pool. One thing I learned […]

Our neighbors

Recently my husband noticed a pair of cardinals hanging out in our backyard. Every day. All. The. Time. Papa Cardinal kept running back and forth between the shrub and the fence. Until yesterday we heard an unusual peep-peep-peep. Hubby went to look, and what he saw: I’ve always been saying that this neighborhood is good […]