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BBC wonders why knitting is popular

“Knitting is no longer the pastime of an older generation, it is increasingly appealing to a younger demographic who are engaging with the idea of expressing themselves through knitting as a creative art. The advance of the internet and social media has also been key to the emergence of new close-knit communities.” via BBC News […]

New colorway: There and Back Again

  We’ve added a new colorway for our Alpaca Silk Yarns: There and Back Again. The color goes in a smooth gradient from creamy white all the way to dark blue over a 63-inch loop, and then back. Hand-dyed with natural indigo.     Lofty AND drapey – the best of both worlds in this […]

Crochet statistics: data visualization by RUSSIAN SPHINX

This Russian blogger came up with a warming way of visualizing population growth data: RUSSIAN SPHINX: Population of Russia from 1500 to 2000. She wrote that the advantages of this method of visualization are : – it’s environment friendly, you don’t need electricity – it’s cat-entertaining – cold-protective – easy to create. I would add […]