Patterns and project ideas using Blue Earth Dyeworks yarns:

Wavelet Scarf

I wanted to make a scarf that displays the tan-and-blue color variations in Blue Earth Dyeworks’s Zebra Blue Tussah Silk yarn. This is a light worsted pure silk yarn, pretty warm because of the protein content of the silk, yet can be airy if knit up in a lacy pattern and blocked.

Wavelet is an easy lace pattern suitable for beginners. It makes a long and narrow scarf, light enough to wear even indoors as a decorative accessory, yet can be warm if wrapped around the wearer’s neck a few times.

You can download the pdf pattern from here: Wavelet scarf pattern Blueearthdyeworks


Frosted Hazel Leaf Shawl / scarf

Frosted Hazel 2I have a special thing for leaf motifs in lace. They always enchant me, because they are often surprising in how life-like they are; and at the same time they showcase lace techniques, such as yarn over eyelets, slanting decreases, and knit-purl textures. So ever since I finished dyeing my very first batch of raw silk and started looking for a scarf pattern for it, I looked for something supple, fresh, a plant motif that is memorable and also easy to knit.
I found the leaf edging in a stitch dictionary, made a reverse version of it so it can line both sides of the scarf symmetrically, and ta- dam! Frosted Hazel Leaf was born, a long oval silk scarf in an open lacy pattern, wide enough in the center to warm my arms as a light shawl, but warm enough to warm my neck when wrapped around.
The yarn, is a textured pure raw silk yarn, fingering weight. I used the colorway Glacier, which is dyed in a long self striping pattern, where the color transitions from a deep dark indigo through lighter shades of blue to a natural cream color over the whole hank. I used two hanks joined by their light end. I started the first hank at its dark end, knit to the light end, joined the next hank at its light end, and finished in dark blue again. This way the scarf has two blue ends and a creamy white middle.

You can download the free pdf pattern from here: Hazel Leaf Raw Silk scarf

Hazel Leaf whole



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  1. Dear Leo,We really like your new scarf. However, we think a blue and red scarf would be even betetr because they are our school colours!We have a knitting club at our school during the winter months. You are welcome to come and learn to knit!!! It’s lots of fun to knit. Does your school have a knitting club?Stay warm this winter.From 3/4C, Upper Plenty P.S

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