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Works in Progress: The Chill, the Challenging, and the Almost-Finished

Every time I’m sitting down after a long day, mind empty but not yet ready to sleep, I take the knitting in my hand and I get reminded that there’s more to yarn than dyeing it! I’ve been working on several projects at once: something easy-peasy that can just keep my hands busy while I […]


On storms, playgrounds, and designs

So Hurricane Sandy came and went. We got lucky: no flooded basement, no trees falling on our car, didn’t even lose power. We invited some friends who live closer to the sea and were evacuated, but in the end biggest problems the storm meant to us was a closed daycare, a restless toddler, and some […]

(Bam-) Boo!

Okay, this will be a rant-y post. Because after years of knitting and even more years of working with textiles, I still screw up. And badly at that. So, a few months ago, I started this sweater for my husband. He loves the British racing green color, and I love doing cables, so it seemed […]

Sweet Dreams

When Lala was little, meaning even smaller than now,  I fretted a lot about SIDS and all the precautions doctors tell you to take to make sure little babies sleep safe.  Once he was out of swaddling by about 4 months old, I searched high and low all the baby stores for sleepsacks, sleeping bags, […]

For the love of garter stitch

Quick little project for Lala:   It’s so quick, partly because it is knit in one piece, and requires hardly any attention to construction, and partly because it’s all garter stitch: easy to do while watching TV, or chatting with someone, or watching over a  toddler splashing in the kiddie pool. One thing I learned […]

Reduce, Reuse, sure, sure….

But recycle! There’s a challenge I love! To me, reusing and recycling has  always  had a fun side to it: it is a creative challenge to find a new use, or a different useful form for something that is poor enough stuff to be labelled “trash.” My love affair with recycling probably has many roots. […]