Knitting Clock Update: Artist explains her work in video

Knitting Clock Designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen talks about her thesis project, “365” a.k.a. the Knitting Clock.
She explains that the clock, which knits in the round, is actually a functional clock that tells the time: it has a 24-hour face, knits one stitch each half hour and one row each day. It shows not only the time at the moment (the stitch it is knitting right now) but also the time that has been (the scarf) and the time about to come (the spool of yarn waiting to be knit).

Knitting Clock: The ‘365′ Ticker That Creates A Scarf As Hours Pass (VIDEO).



  1. […] I posted yesterday about Siren Elise Wilhelmsen’s “365″ knitting clock,  Gizmodo published a post about another imaginative use of knitting in a design thesis […]

    1. There’s always so much going on at a meet-up that it’s easy to make miaeskts. I spent the whole time frogging my mistake (that I’d made BEFORE I went) and then knitting back up and one row past where I’d started. So much for completing the darn thing! However remember it’s the process that counts, right? Sure. Uh-huh.Hope 3rd time was lucky!

      1. Yeah, in cases like this I try to remember that we knit because we knitting itself, right?

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