Sweet Dreams

When Lala was little, meaning even smaller than now,  I fretted a lot about SIDS and all the precautions doctors tell you to take to make sure little babies sleep safe.  Once he was out of swaddling by about 4 months old, I searched high and low all the baby stores for sleepsacks, sleeping bags, wearable blankets. It was winter, so I was looking for something warm, fleecy, and with long sleeves, then it turned to summer , it got warm and he had grown a lot, so I wanted something that’s breezy but still keeps the dawntime chill away, and long enough for a very tall one-year-old. I was stunned that although every baby store and internet outlet is full of baby blankets, there are very few brands that manufacture sleepsacks. Ironic, considering that loose blankets are not recommended for at least a year, and even after that babies and toddler tend to kick off their blankets.
Thankfully I found this pattern on knitty.

It was easy to modify to a freakishly looooong baby, and I replaced the zodiac pattern on the front with two cables. I have a thing for cables. Ever since I’ve learned to make them without cable needles, I’ve been applying them to everything and everywhere possible. They are fast and easy, and very rewarding. They are just knitted stitches, yet they look like something applied to the surface of the fabric itself…

It is knit in the round, and  was surprised how fast it was finished. It was easy enough to knit while keeping one eye on a toddling and waddling bebeh learning to walk and already chasing cats.
And he’s been sleeping so much better since. Now THAT’s a treasure.


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  1. […] yarn to use? Just a few weeks before I used a great soy-bamboo blend for this sleep sack for my son, and I loved the sheen and drape of bamboo. It was a pleasure to works with, and wears great. So […]

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