New Yarn: Alpaca Silk

Lofty AND drapey – the best of both worlds in this lovely alpaca and silk blend yarn. You won’t be able to stop petting your yarn. For lacey shawls, lightweight scarves, or anything that’s worn close to the skin and has to be soft and snuggly.

Hand-dyed with natural indigo into a self-striping yarn of natural cream and deep blue over 63-inch loops.

Like it? Available on Etsy in three  colorways: Just before Dawn, Zebra Blue, and Summer Rain.

Fiber: 80% alpaca, 20% silk
Skein weight: 50 gr / approx 380 yards
Colorway: Zebra Blue
Dye: Indigo
Knitting weight: Lace
approx. 32 sts per 4″ on US 1-3 or 2.25-3.25mm

What do you think? Share your comments, ideas, and requests for yarns here or visit me on etsy.



  1. […] added a new colorway for our Alpaca Silk Yarns: There and Back Again. The color goes in a smooth gradient from creamy white all the way to dark […]

    1. Oh I wish I’d known that about you not being sold out. I tried to order from you and when I couldn’t, I odrered from another shop. First they sent it to the wrong address, then they sent the wrong yarn, now they’re not responding to my emails. 6 weeks later and I still don’t have my yarn or my money. 😦

      1. Oh, no, that sounds like a terrible shopping experience! I feel for you. How come you couldn’t order from me? Was the Etsy site down? I didn’t notice anything wrong, but if you tell me what happened, I can look into it so it won’t happen again!

  2. I learned to knit when a frnied taught me in college then I didn’t knit for years and I am just now picking it back up again. I have done 2 scarfs so far. Would love some beautiful yarn for more fun projects!

  3. I knit because it’s the way I craete beauty in my world and fiber is the best way I know how after all, by making a hand-knit wearable, it makes my part of the world just a bit more beautiful And I love your YARNS!

  4. Those look awesome Caitlin. I shulod show you the really soft sock yarn yarn I picked up yesterday.I have the same problem about when to start the decreases. Do you have a little kitchen scale or anything? Maybe just see if the post office will let you borrow theirs for a few moments? Picking one up is one my to do list for this winter, but that doesn’t really help out right now 🙂

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