Have to play…. have to eat! Edible Play-Doh

So I realized that at 11 months old, my son, Lala is ready to play with Play-Doh. Or, rather, his hands would be ready to knead something soft, mash and smash and admire his handprints in the dough, if – IF – he didn’t still have the urge to put everything in his mouth. So unfortunately, no Play-Doh for him. But what is I make him something that is like Play-Doh, but won’t kill him if he accidentally, or quite intentionally, puts it in his mouth? The solution is baker’s clay made exciting for baby eyes  with some  food coloring.

What you need:

– 1 cup salt

– 1 cup flour

– water

– 2 tablespoons of oil

– food dye

Mix the dry ingredients, and slowly add water until it holds together in a soft mass, firm enough to hold the shape when you press it:


Add a bit of oil for a smoother texture. If you want to make different colors, divide the mass into parts, and knead the food dye into the dough. You can use less dye (a few drops) for a paler, pastel shade or half a bottle or more for a strong primary color. Your also mix colors either before or after kneading for funkier shades. I made four strong basic colors, appealing to babies’s eyes:

Add food coloring

Mix well for an even color

Or mix it gently for a marbled texture

And finished!

Let the kneading and sculpting fun begin, for mom and bebe!

Because of the amount of salt in it, baker’s clay tastes kind of nasty, so it is unlikely that he’ll try eating it more than once. But it won’t harm him if he does.

Baker’s clay can be dried on air (will take a few days to a week, depending on the thickness of your design), or in an oven on the lowest setting. Once it’s fully dry, it can be painted and varnished, or just rubbed with a bit of oil for nice sheen.

What do you do for creative projects with kids who still try to eat crayons and art materials?


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